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by on February 25th, 2011 at 2:28pm in News

Happy Friday! Turn up the volume because we’ve got some seriously good tunes to start your weekend off with a bang! This playlist was made exclusively for the MINI Community – Enjoy (Click image to go to link)



New label Cascine Counters Record Industry Challenges with Optimism February 24, 2011

If you were crunching numbers or focused on any kind of bottom line, starting a record label in 2011 might not seem like the most sound business investment – but when you come in contact with the infectious optimism of Jeff Bratton, who started his boutique label Cascine under the umbrella of Sweden’s venerable Service imprint last year, it starts to make a little more sense. Jeff has begun to build a foundation for Cascine with an exciting international roster of young artists including Chad Valley, Selebrities, World Tour, Jensen Sportag, Evan Voytas and Shine 2009. Cascine features a well-curated collection of artists with a sweet tooth for electro-pop and an easily detectable nostalgia for the sounds of the not so distant past. Jeff’s genuine enthusiasm for the music can quickly convince you that he’s ready for the many challenges that face his young record label in today’s music industry. Listening to the Soundcloud mix Cascine developed for MINISpace will help give listeners a similar reason for positive thinking.

Chad Valley is the solo project of singer/producer Hugo Manuel who also performs with the band Jonquil. He is a key component in the growing Blessing Force scene coming out of Oxford in the UK and has done remixes for fellow locals Foals among others. His particular brand of well-crafted, feel-good electro-pop has captured the attention of in-tune music fans and made him a fixture in the blogosphere this year.

Selebrities are a hip, young Brooklyn-based trio who sound like the result of a head-on collision between Glass Candy and New Order. That’s a high compliment and one the band seems capable of living up to. Their haunting songs of broken romance read like a diary of the city written late at night and capture the sound of a New York from the past and present.

Shine 2009′s debut EP, New Rules, sounds as if it’s floating on air. Their light-hearted approach to dance pop is a refreshing alternative to the darker, heavier sounds that populate today’s soundscape. The Finnish duo are simply unapologetic about making music that gets bodies to the dancefloor and are sure to bring a smile to the face of fans of bands like The Happy Mondays or Pet Shop Boys. 

Evan Voytas is a classically trained jazz musician turned one-man band. Based out of Los Angeles his upbeat yet intimate style of bedroom pop has put him on the radar of music press across the world. Check out his video featuring a well-dressed Kate Moss, shot for Italian Vogue here.

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