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Porsche Driver Wanted…

by on June 17th, 2010 at 10:06am in News

The latest is in on the MINI vs Porsche race.

They need a driver. No one is willing from Porsche to step up, and I get that, no one likes to lose! So MINI has placed the ad and opened it up to eager Porsche drivers that think their car can beat MINI.

Now let’s look at it from the view of Porsche. Tables are turned and we are being challenged to race Porsche. First of all, MINI would have taken the challenge, hands down. BUT if they didn’t, if they needed a MINI Driver to step up, would you?!


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  1. Corbin Says:

    this is all very clever marketing. surprised that Porsche couldn’t see a little more of the fun in it. I do not drive one but know people that do and most of them are cool (most not all – ha!).

    there are plenty or Porsche owners that want them to go ahead and do it. the race would be fun – I hope Porsche do it too!

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