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IMM 2010

by on May 24th, 2010 at 1:05pm in News

MINI reported live from IMM 2010. Check it out below! You can spot some pretty unique MINI’s there!!!! Tell us why you love YOUR MINI! We love to hear from you!!!!

YouTube Preview Image

3 Responses to “IMM 2010”

  1. C Fite Says:

    I love my Mini because on bright and sunny days, it calls out to me, and I cannot resist! :-)
    From Puppetmaster2u: My Blog

  2. Jaime Times Says:

    i was beginning to think i may be the only young woman that cared about this, at least currently i realize im not mad :) i am going to be sure to find out more about a handful of additional posts just after i get some caffeine in me, adios for now :)

  3. aktorzy Says:

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