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Kristin McMahon

WARNING!! WARNING!!!!!!!! There are many impostors out there… “DONUT” get caught without a MINI!

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Kristin McMahon

IMM 2010

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MINI reported live from IMM 2010. Check it out below! You can spot some pretty unique MINI’s there!!!! Tell us why you love YOUR MINI! We love to hear from you!!!!

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Jenna Fullenkamp

Save Money by Driving Better

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Check out this article and video on how you can save hundreds of dollars by driving more efficiently!

The truth and myths about saving fuel…..

Speed According to the Department for Transport, driving at 70mph uses up to 9% more fuel than at 60mph and up to 15% more than at 50mph. 80mph can use up to 25% more than at 70mph.

Tires Over time, tires will naturally leak a bit of air. You can improve fuel consumption by up to 2% if you check pressures regularly, and keep them at the correct pressure. It’s safer, too – dozens of people a year die because of poorly-inflated tires.

Roof racks There’s enormous disagreement. A report by car manual maker Haynes says get rid of the rack – fully loaded it can add 30% to fuel consumption. But AutoExpress says it’s a myth – its test found that those with aerodynamic designs added little to the fuel bill.

Air conditioning vs open windows At low speeds, such as driving around town, air conditioning can add 5%-7% to fuel costs, says Anthony Sale of Millbrook, so just wind the window down. But at higher speeds, the effects are less noticeable.

However, when driving at speed, an open window or sun roof increases aerodynamic drag and can add a further 3-6% to costs, according to some estimates. US car website found a minimal difference. “Do what’s comfortable,” it said.

-More myths can be found in the article

I gun it when a light turns green because I am so excited to get to my next destination. How do you drive that could be made more efficient?

Jenna Fullenkamp

Registration is NOW OPEN for MINI Takes the States.  Buckle up for a short ride or go all the way to the middle (kind’a, sort’a)!  Register now for the event that promises fun and excitement at every turn here!

Kristin McMahon

The story of John Cooper looms large in the history of the original Mini, how he took the tiny British “people’s car” and developed it into a giant killer of international proportions.

The late racing innovator, who pioneered mid-engine Formula 1 cars in the 1950s and whose competition Minis won three Monte Carlo rallies in the 1960s, is inextricably linked with the Mini, then and now.

So it’s only fitting that the performance version of the modern Mini should evoke his name. The Mini John Cooper Works edition adds a passel of go-fast goodies and body aerodynamics to the already spirited Copper S, turning the little retro-mobile into a riotous blast of pocket-size fun.

Power comes from a twin-scroll turbocharged 1.6-liter engine that produces 208 horsepower and 192 pound-feet of torque, with an overboost mode that briefly adds another 15 pound-feet. That’s a heap of pull for a 2,849-pound car.

Zero to 60 comes in just 6.6 seconds, according to the manufacturer. And the mpg is a decent at 26 city and 34 highway, according to the EPA.

Unlike many ragtops out there, the Mini still looks cool with its roof up.

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Kristin McMahon

Check out this article from Scott Burgess from the Detroit News… and build your own here!

2010 Mini Cooper has cult following for this fun, affordable daily driver
May 13, 2010

Is this car a marketing coup or the real deal? Iconic or ironic? The Mini is both.

This little car has created a cult-like following and die-hard fans with lovable attributes that would be considered detriments on any other car. Although it shares measurements and basic design elements with industrial-size refrigerators, people still consider Mini stylish. Its ride is bumpy and rough, but people call it sporty. While that “go-kart” feel in go-karts leaves your kidneys battered and your body sore, people clamor for more of it in the Mini.

People go on waiting lists to buy Minis, and there’s no reason to think this car will lose its popularity. Will someone tell me the punch line? I don’t get it. But I’m starting to. There’s something about the 2010 Mini Cooper that is charmingly indiscernible in the same way a Scottish accent sounds beautiful but is nearly impossible to actually understand.

The more I drove the Mini during a week of test driving, the more I started to understand why people love it. It’s different, it stands out, people walk up to you and ask you about it. No other car with a starting sticker under $19,000 strokes an owner’s ego as much as the Mini.

All cars are emotional purchases on some level or another, but the Mini is just more emotional.

Inside the Mini, you find yourself tempted to pull the emergency brake and see if you can power slide around the corner. Some cars just do that to you.

Practical, affordable fun

In many ways, the Mini defies expectations. It’s certainly practical, affordable and fun to drive. It also gets good gas mileage, hitting 28 miles per gallon in the city and 37 mpg on the highway.  The Mini defies criticism because it just feels like a smart, fun vehicle. It’s cute, it’s a thrill to drive, and dollar for dollar a nice car.

Kristin McMahon


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MINI Link, the GPS map-based iPhone® app for the MINI community just hit 20K downloads and has more than 1400 hotspots for you to explore. Even if you’re not a MINI Owner you can still customize a MINI and browse events. Download the app today and keep motoring!  DOWNLOAD IT HERE!

Nick Walsh

3 new tuning kits for the Cooper S and the JCW have been released from Nowack Motors.  Nowack Motors’ N260 kit tosses in some internal engine work including a new cylinder head, high-performance camshafts, custom downpipe, upgraded intercoolers and a performance air intake.  Check it all out here!