Kristin McMahon

The Openometer

by on March 8th, 2010 at 2:49pm in News

The Openometer (just left of the steering column) keeps track of — wait for it –  how much time the vehicle is driven with its top actually down!!!  That’s right, go back and read that sentence again.  Today is a perfect day to drive with the top down in your MINI Convertible!  What fun things will you be out doing with your MINI in this beautiful weather?  Let us know, we LOVE to hear from you!!


2 Responses to “The Openometer”

  1. Devon Burroughs Says:

    A Lot of Car Enthusiasts See The Openometer In The MINI Convertible And See it as a Waste of Gauge Space. However Any True MINI Enthusiast Sees The Openometer and Immediately Understands Its Purpose. MINI Does Not Follow The Trends, They Set Them and Also Lead The Pack On New and What May Come Off As Trivial Details. MINI is Anything But Trivial and Therefore Is The Only Vehicle With An Openometer; Being Outside The Box is What Makes a Mini a MINI After-all.

  2. CarlF Says:

    I wish mine had an Openometer :-)

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