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MINI Connected

by on March 1st, 2010 at 1:32pm in News

More detail about the Countryman keep coming out! We couldn’t be more excited!!!! Take a look at MINI Connected in this article.


A new video is out as well where MINI connected is featured. CHECK IT OUT and let us know what you think!

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5 Responses to “MINI Connected”

  1. Devon Burroughs Says:

    I Think This is A Pretty Good Example Of Mini’s Gorilla Advertising Scheme..

  2. CarlF Says:

    The article references Mini as “representing a more youthful and modern driver”. In your showroom, do you find this to be the case? Would you say the majority of your customers are over, or under, say 40?

  3. Devon Burroughs Says:

    Carl, I am not by any means an employee of this dealership (although I would love to be :) ) I would like to share my opinion on MINI’s apparent brand targeting. I am a current car design student and also follow marketing and branding techniques of many of todays largest car makers. As it has been become very aware to me over my time in school, a car is more or less one of the most emotional and/or largest purchases in many peoples lives. Nothing can say more about you then what home/car you choose to purchase. It has been my opinion that the MINI brand is targeting many if not all ages of consumers. You could point out the current music they use in there ads, but also you could point to the “coolness” factor of the MINI to latter age groups. A particular subject they tend to approach which I feel is most important is the factor of reliability. No parent of a teen aged driver is going to put their son/daughter in a vehicle they cannot trust to be safe and dependable. However this argument could also be approached at the stand point of when you/someone else moves towards retirement would you want to buy a vehicle that is both a gas guzzler and/or unreliable as your then dependable car? In most cases I would hope the answer would be no. You would be most likely looking for a car that you could rely on to get you to and fro but also would be fuel efficient for your driving to the grocery store or to pick up your grandchild. Also in buying a MINI you can treat yourself to affordable luxury that you have worked so hard to achieve (nothing makes me personally happy than seeing an older, retired or part time grandparent driving a new car of there dreams. There is something rewarding to watching there life’s work being shown in there choice to buy a mini.) What grandchild wouldn’t be happy to ride in a new mini?

    In coming full circle this yet again relays back to the “coolness” factor of a MINI. Even with a cool factor at play, MINI’s are by no means an age stretch, such as a 50 year old father shopping at the local abercrombie and fitch. In the articles specifics of a more youthful and modern driver I don’t think this is being portrayed as as literal as you may be taking it. MINI is working to make every driver fell as youthful and as modern as possible. This can be through there designs specifically (and minimulism) or it could be through the MINI “experience.” The experience being the treatment you receive at a given dealership. Also it could mean the driving experience and your new given view of life behind the wheel of a MINI. However despite both the design and driving experience I believe that hey are not only targeting a young audience, they simply are trying to make any audience feel youthful and modern. In your looking for specificnumbers in relation to this dealership I cannot speak, but I believe if you where to get some hard numbers you would be surprised to learn the widespread customers MINI attracts.

    Hopefully This Can Shed Some Light on Your Thoughts About What Age Groups Are Being Targeted Under The Thoughts of a Modern Driver.

  4. Jenna Bellinski Says:

    Hey Carl and Devon,

    Devon you are on the Money. MINI is just such a neat, fun and practical car that it does range to a widespread demographic. Not even in the way they advertise but just the reasons for driving it (drives like a sportscar, practical commuter car, fun, unique ride etc)

  5. Ulysses Says:

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