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The Countryman

by on January 21st, 2010 at 9:06am in News

Pictures have finally arrived – and I mean good pictures. See the new Countryman in many settings here!

I am thrilled with the arrival of the Countryman and can’t wait for it to get to the dealership (will let you know when we get the news). The MINI brand is strong and for those of us that need a little bit more hauling room, this addition will be more than welcomed. I understand the concern that a MINI is supposed to be MINI but the execution of the car, keeping the brand and styling in tact, has definitely been kept.



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  1. NICKW Says: also has a lot of pictures and information on the new car.

    I personally like it a lot. I think the S styling is a home run, and the promise of a rally derived street car in the future is AWESOME. The new center rail is a very cool feature, and it looks like the radio controls have been simplified.

    One thing that I am looking forward too is the release of the dimensions. It doesn’t look much bigger in the pictures, but I wonder if its deceptive.

    Either way, I am excited to see and drive this thing!!


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