Jenna Fullenkamp

I’d rather be in a MINI

by on November 4th, 2009 at 10:42am in News

I was driving along the other day in a “small coupe” (which will remain nameless) and I turned to my passenger and said – “you know, although I love this car, I really enjoy the MINI ten times over”.

The sporty and fun coupe I was driving didn’t have the same agility as the MINI. As I changed lanes and turned corners I missed that feeling a MINI provides. It is a truly unique feeling to other cars.

Here’s your challenge bloggers:

October was MOTOR TOBER. It’s a month for those who have never driven MINIs to get in and TRY ONE! As we leave October and move into the first weekend of November, I challenge you. Bring a guest to Cincinnati MINI this weekend to drive a MINI. If they like it, we will take $1500 off their purchase on any 2009 instock MINI – pretty cool! You can see our website for all of the details!


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