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Help me choose!

by on July 6th, 2009 at 4:20pm in News

All right all you crazy MINI people out there, I’m going to turn the table on you. I am the new manager of the Cincinnati MINI sales department, but I want you to sell me on what MINI I should buy. With the crazy low payments on MINI Select and the 1.9%  on all models, I have decided to pull the trigger and buy a new MINI. So put on your plaid suits, slick back your hair and “persuade” me on what the perfect MINI would be.


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  1. Jenna Says:

    Ok so this would be the perfect MINI. As for why to buy it – that’s a NO BRAINER!

    As I was driving the Clubman S today I was loving how it hugged the turns so I would definitely start you there. I would begin with the Dark Silver Metallic and accenting Black trim. Graphics are a necessity – If it were for me I’d choose the black and white poka-dot side panels BUT for you I think maybe you should design your own. You are creative and unique and someone like that should have the freedom to individualize their MINI however they choose.

    Now – this MINI will have you rocking and rolling – there’s no better car out there. The MINI beats others in individuality, MPG, style, performance, feeling, involvement…It’s got everything!

  2. Nichole Rhenisch Says:

    I don’t know – I think that Matt would look great in the Burberry MINI on the showroom, at least that is what I dream of! :)

  3. turtlesong Says:

    well, that depends. do you want new new or previously owned new? cause you know, i’m trading in my wonderfully well-loved miniturtle for my third mini cooper and i’m sure you could get a great deal on it. it’s got everything including an ipod adapter in that ipod adapter hidey spot (and, yes, that is the official name for it!). six speed, cold weather package, upgraded stereo, bluetooth, convenience package, rubber floormats so your friends can’t track in the mess, less than 12,000 miles. i’m just sayin’

    all i ask, all i beg, is that you DON’T GET A CLUBMAN!
    please god don’t get a clubman. :P

  4. trojans virus Says:

    Epic post!!! I’m definitely looking forward to reading more articles!

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