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the MINI “Copper”

by on January 8th, 2009 at 2:36pm in News

     At first glance, nobody in the 1960′s would’ve predicted that a Morris Cooper S would’ve ever turned into a police car.  Especially not in the U.S., where large cars like Ford or Dodge were usually used for their V8 capacity and their intimidating looks. 

     In Britain, police cars were smaller and usually consisted of either Wolseley or Jaguar due to their 6-cylinders and their ample room for multiple handcuffed miscreants.  It wasn’t until the MINI started to rally and won the Monte Carlo, that MINI started getting attention as a speed demon!  At this time, almost everybody wanted one, (even Princess Diana would eventually get one) including some of the urban police departments.  After all, it isn’t just the new MINIs that are known for their speed and impressive handling.  Adding to the attraction of these cars for the “coppers” was that after 1966, they were equipped with a secondary fueling tank, which would allow up to 300 miles per fill-up. 

        Beginning in 1966, police departments throughout Britain, and most notably in Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, Ulster (otherwise known as Northern Ireland), West Yorkshire, Metropolitan (aka London), Essex, Hampshire, Gateshead, and Pembroke County.  Liverpool carried the largest fleet with 27 Cooper S’s being added to their fleet each year. 

     Although there were several hundred of these police cars in use in Britain, to actually find one in working, restored order today is a tough task. 

  I imagine the police force doubled their staff with the introduction of the Morris Cooper S.  I know I would’ve joined the force if I was able to drive a car this Savvy, and high speed chases were just another daily part of the job!




Facts borrowed from Peter D. Dupre


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