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MINI Service Updates!

by on January 31st, 2009 at 4:14pm in News

I just wanted to let everyone know a few new things going on with MINI Service this year.

First off we are introducing a new pickup procedure for your MINI once it is done in service.  The “express vehicle pickup” option should make getting in and out of here a much quicker task.  We are giving out cards with tag #s and the phone number(513-648-2690) on them when you drop off your MINI for service.  The cards explain the process but basically you call the number and put the tag number in and it will page our cashiers your tag number.  They then will bring the car down and have it parked outside before you arrive.  You will see these signs for the express pickup.

Next we have a small change for our service drive and where we want to have cars pulled into.  In the past we stated either the service drive or the courtyard outside our doors would work.  The dealership and especially MINI is getting so busy that the courtyard option is no longer working well.  It is bottling up the washbay, service drive, MINI sales, and pre-owned sales.  We now are looking to have everyone pull up the service drive at all times.  This will allow all of our drivers to take the cars right up to the hill and avoid the large traffic jams that we are having.  Here is a quick photo for those of you possibly unfamiliar with the service ramp.

We will be getting new signage at some point this year to indicate BMW/MINI Service.

The last update is about our shop.  We are now have recieved our own tire mounting and tire balancing machine down across from our bays. We used to have to cart four new tires and four rims upstairs to the tire room there, so this is a huge change for us.  We should now be able to get tire installs done quicker since we can roll everything a few feet and be able to work on them.  Also along with this, we have four of seven technicians trained to do alignments.(All seven are trained to mount and balance)  The store used to have one alignment technician for BMW and MINI, so again this is a big change for us.  This is going to allow us to provide alignments on Saturdays and much quicker ones during the week.

We are also adding two more technicians and a third service advisor starting February.  Some of you may have already worked with Chrissy if you own a BMW or happened to come in on a busy Friday or Saturday.   She has been here helping out on the “dark” side for awhile now and recently starting to hang out on our side.  She will lead a third MINI team and allow us to have two advisors here everyday, and at least one staying until 8:00 Monday through Thursday.

Please let us know if you have any questions!


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