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What does your MINI say about you?!

by on January 14th, 2009 at 10:53am in News


I received a catalog the other day on how to “customize” a MINI. I was so excited to dig into all of the neat graphics that Motoring Graphics had to offer. I helped the MINI team pick out new graphics for a few of our MINIs. I can’t wait for them to come in – putting these small unique touches on each of the MINIs are going to make them even more individualized and special for their owner.

Many times, when a car drives down the road, you are able to get just a bit of insight on what the driver may be like who owns that car. Maybe what their favorite color is or something meaningful on their license plate, even a car’s bumper sticker is sometimes a clue.

Motoring graphics or no graphics, each of our cars, MINIs, trucks, SAVs, they all say something about us. It got me thinking – what would people think about my car…

Well, it’s white like a blank canvas, ready to travel and ready to get dirty. But with a white car, a little soap, suds and Windex gives you a whole new adventure. The size, well you can tell I carry a lot in my car -friends, family, furniture, groceries, whatever it may be, I’m always bringing along something.

What does your car say about you? Think about it, share with us if you like or even ask us – what do you bloggers think my car say about me?!

And we will definitely let you know and post pictures when our new graphics come in!! If you are interested in getting graphics for your own MINI see your motoring advisor to get assistance.


14 Responses to “What does your MINI say about you?!”

  1. David Knight Says:

    I saw these a month or so ago, on the web. They are some really neat designs. Can not wait to see what some of them look like. I will have to stop by when you put some on a few cars.

  2. Nichole Says:

    David we should have one of our MINI’s with the graphics on it this Monday, January 26th and with hope there should be some more soon as well. I think your right, the designs are really cool and its going to look great on the MINI’s.

  3. David Knight Says:

    I will have to stop by on Friday when I am there for the Cinci Minis meeting on Friday night. Thanks for the update.

  4. Emily Marquard Says:

    I just wanted to say I was in the showroom on Monday and saw the Burberry Mini and it was so cute!! But I’m more of a traditionalist and enjoy my Chili Red MINI with black racing stripes.

    What do I think my MINI says about me? I think my MINI says I’m fun, young and ready for where the road takes me! No joke, every time I see my MINI (btw I have named mine Cooper, I know it’s not too original but it fit and I <3 Cooper) I get so excited! It truly makes driving a blast! I have always wanted a MINI ever since I saw the Italian Job. When I graduated from college in May it was my goal to get a job where I could afford my dream car, and I did! I have only had Cooper for a few months but can’t wait to see where else we go!

  5. Tim Says:

    Emily I’m glad you are enjoying your MINI so far! I have worked here at The BMW Store and Cincinnati MINI for just about 2 years now and have really noticed how different a MINI owner really is from anyone else. They are just so into their cars and really enjoy the experiences they have with them. MINI owners really see their cars as a reflection of themselves, and if you ask me, thats why owning a car should be like! Life would be so boring if you had to drive around all the time in a car you didn’t really love, which is why I think MINI owners are in such good moods all the time. Thanks for the support and I hope you enjoy your MINI for a long time!

  6. amy fox Says:

    Why isn’t hot chocolate a color option when trying to choose a graphic? Makes it kind of hard to picture what it will look like! They need to add it ASAP!

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