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Crosstown Shootout – Mini Style

by on December 15th, 2008 at 4:50pm in News

With one of the biggest competitive nights in Cincinnati approaching, the crosstown shootout, the Marketing Team here at the Bmw Store and Cincy Mini had an idea. We decided what better way to prepare for the faceoff between XU and UC than to visit each school the day before and give them one more reason to be excited, like they needed one anyway. We visited each school and passed out Cincinnati Mini-themed XU and UC t-shirts. The students were super pumped to get their shirts and it was a lot of fun passing them out. The Xavier students flooded in from all directions once word got out about the shirts, and we passed out all 200 of them in no more than 10 minutes! At UC it took a bit longer because not as many students were on campus due to the fall quarter coming to a close a few days earlier, but we still passed them all out pretty quickly. It was a lot of fun passing out the shirts and I felt like we added a little more fuel to the competitive fire! Lucky for this current Xavier student, however, our fire burned a little hotter and we came away victorious! :P  It was a great experience and hopefully the Marketing Team here will make this an annual thing!


2 Responses to “Crosstown Shootout – Mini Style”

  1. John Says:

    Interesting – and a great idea

    Maybe the next step would be to copy a show TOP GEAR did some time ago and have MINI’s play a soccer game with large inflatable balls.


  2. Jenna Says:

    haha – would love to see the soccer game with MINIs pan out! All I have to say is – “NOT GOALIE!!”

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